Our members bring a variety of talents to the group. Advanced divers, chemists, pilots, boat captains, engineers & doctors are all a part of Team Karst.

Chuck Actor

Full cave, trimix, mechanical engineer. Active in the lens system as a "first-entry" diver

Alex Vaughn

Basic cave, pilot, industrial engineer

Rich Camden

Advanced cave/DPV, normoxic trimix, electrical engineer

Chris Winfree

GUE cave 2, advanced cave/DPV, normoxic trimix, neurosurgeon. Not yet having to use his physician talents, we currently rely heavily on his abilities as a GUE trained and configured cave diver

John Capp

Intro to cave, boat captain, mechanical engineer. John is our "front man," paving the way towards good local public relations. Due to much of his work, all of the Sweetings Cay sites remain open to the team

David Winfree

Advanced cave/DPV, trimix, Cave Recovery Specialist, Wakulla Award, pilot, electrical engineer

John Parkes
Grace Winfree

Advanced cave/DPV, normoxic trimix, Abe Davis Award, electrical engineer

The newest & youngest member of the team. Apprentice. Recent college graduate

Gary Stamm

Basic cave, Cave Recovery Specialist, Abe Davis Award, manufacturing technician. Gary discovered the "easy" entrance into Lucy's and led the way through what is now known as the Stamm passage. With his keen sense of smell, Gary is the team "canary," sniffing out bad fuel tanks, overloaded compressor filters & other airborne mayhem

Nancy Winfree

Apprentice, manufacturing engineer. Nancy performs most of the provisioning, plus acts as a rather vocal cave "judge" (gives Aquarius a 1, Asgard an 8)

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