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2004 Highlights

  • Several new branches were discovered in the Lucy's "Bonanza" passage. The latest map is posted & shows the latest surveys. Several other leads have not been surveyed

  • Davins Cave was surveyed & minor survey additions were done in Asgard & Virgo. Surveys were started for Snapper Hole & Aquarius

  • Big Cross Cay access was gained & the interior blue hole was located. The hole is infilled silt at the entrance & no diving prospects exist here

  • Initial dives were done in the triple Scorpio Cave complex at the headwaters of Zodiac Creek. One cave, one cavern & one bolder choke were dove

  • On-site nitrox continuous blending was done for the first time by Team Karst. Approximately 300 cubic feet of oxygen was pumped during the 12 day trip

  • Bonefish Cay Blue Hole access was not possible from the North & a later attempt from a different direction is planned

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