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2002 Highlights

  • An additional 1,000 feet of surveyed passage was gained in Lucy's Cave. Survey work done by David Winfree & Gary Stamm

  • A fourth Lens cave was located & first dove by Chuck Actor. The survey team further penetrated & surveyed this new cave with no further leads noted. This new cave is called Laura's

  • A second virgin cave was dove by a first entry team John Capp & Chuck Actor. Later surveyed, this cave entrance was located from the surface by the local landowner, Doral. This cave is called Janet's, after Doral's daughter

  • An October trip continued exploration of many of the Icheban Lake dives. Surveys were completed for Gabby, Grace & Sandy (Thrift Harbor). With extra time, the team was able to do an initial penetration into Great North Road to a depth of 300 feet

Left: Gary keeping the air flowing at the remote fill station

Right: Chuck at the second portable fill station at Haulover

oiling tanks.jpg
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