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2001 Highlights

  • First Americans in Lucy's? We think so

  • Pictures & survey data taken at Lucy's Cave. Over 3,000 feet of additional surveyed passage was added to the 900 feet of original Palmer survey. A new, somewhat easier entrance was found into this large system

  • Water sample taken from a depth of 12 feet into Lucy's Cave. Hubert Tate, a town councilman, was present. The verdict: Not suitable for human consumption. This is significant because there existed some threat that water supply wells might approach this area of the island. Sweetings Cay currently has no source of enough potable water to pipe to every household

  • Initial survey data & some limited penetration was performed in five blue holes contained in a tidal lake, situated between Big Creek & Thrift Harbor. These locations were coarsely determined during an aerial GPS survey in 2000

Chris monitors a tank fill at Mr. Cooper's hotel in Sweetings Cay. Half of the team stayed in the hotel, the balance aboard Islander

The dinghy dock nearest to the Lens Caves

Gary with the replenishment reel, originally holding 5,000 feet of knotted line

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